About Us

About us

'Pramahasi Films' is a movie production house established in 2016 with a holistic goal to tell beautiful, heart-touching musical stories. Production house director Mr Sandip Trivedi is a scriptwriter, film-maker, voice-over artist, narrator, educator and an all-encompassing production service provider and manager. His experience contains but is not limited to documentaries, ad films, docu dramas, and voiceovers and lyrics writing.

'Pramahasi Films' aims to create a cultural bouquet and the first flower of that bouquet is 'Swarankan Musical Fraternity'.

Swarankan is an amalgamation of two words - Swar and Ankan - meaning creativity and bonding respectively.

'Swarankan Musical Fraternity' is for all the enthusiasts who want to participate in musical events, follow their passion and build a career too.


Our mission is to provide an avenue for creative expression to people and help them discover their full potential!
Make your passion, your profession!

Come, and join us with our Swarankan Musical Fraternity. To be a part of an event organized by us for you, would mean the world to us. And we know there are more dreams to be fulfilled, songs to be sung and hearts to be warmed.


We are an audiovisual company promoting creativity, helping artists and businesses alike, and undertaking the production of different kinds of media content with sincerity and passion. We want to establish a fraternity for singers, dancers, actors, writers, voice-over artists and all types of crews and cast with an aim for the betterment of all and the industry at the same time.

We want to hear you, and help you be heard. We want to see you and show the world your talent.
Come, join us!